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Thank you to those that have volunteered their time to raise awareness of this important issue

Without you we wouldn't have had the many important conversations we had, visited the places we did and built a movement of engaged and informed people. Wherever you are in Australia, we can't thank you enough.

The journey continues...

If you want to stay informed about next steps, please visit the Reconciliation Australia website.

What did our volunteers do?


RECOGNISE volunteers worked closely with the State or Local Field Leaders and participated in a range of activities including:

  • Phone banking – groups of volunteers calling people to have conversations
  • Door knocking – groups of volunteers knocking on doors to have conversations
  • Street / Event / Workplace engagements (e.g. Central Station, WOMADelaide, Telstra Lobby) – groups of volunteers having conversations at hubs/festivals/offices
  • Online engagement – groups of volunteers having conversations online
  • Data entry – groups of volunteers recording and entering data
  • Planning, organising, and hosting volunteering and community events