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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the RECOGNISE movement

As a volunteer, you get hands-on campaign experience as you get involved in raising awareness and understanding about the need for constitutional recognition and reform.

One-by-one, we want to let every Australian know why we need to change our Constitution and build a more inclusive nation.

Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, there is a way for you to get involved! If you're interested in joining our fast growing team, enter your details in the form below. Your State Field Leader will contact you and start the conversation. Together, we can ensure the upcoming referendum reflects the will of an engaged and informed nation.

What volunteers get

RECOGNISE volunteers receive on-going training and support to ensure they are comfortable and confident fulfilling their role. This includes training in Field Campaigning and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency. Volunteers will always have the State Field Leader or a local volunteer leader available to provide daily updates, support, and debriefing. As a volunteer, you will join the RECOGNISE community and you’ll have many opportunities to be involved in special briefings, events, and activities.

What volunteers do

Recognise volunteers work closely with State or Local Field Leaders and participate in a range of activities including:

  • Phone banking – groups of volunteers calling people to have conversations
  • Door knocking – groups of volunteers knocking on doors to have conversations
  • Street / Event / Workplace engagements (e.g. Central Station, WOMADelaide, Telstra Lobby) – groups of volunteers having conversations at hubs/festivals/offices
  • Online engagement – groups of volunteers having conversations online
  • Data entry – groups of volunteers recording and entering data
  • Planning, organising, and hosting volunteering and community events